Easter in Jerusaleam

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Once I asked an important question to a respected person, and he answered: "Buy a ticket to Jerusalem, Easter is coming soon, the Holy Fire will come down there. You will stay there and the answer will come." My respect for the speaker was so great that I took the ticket that day. Indeed, when I returned to Moscow, the question that worried me disappeared by itself, moreover, the coordinate system in which it was asked ceased to exist.

This is a city where strange and amazing meetings take place. Here, common topics are quickly found: where what will happen, how to get to the Temple for the Descent of Fire ...

This man, probably, has been watching a series of pilgrims all his life - I don’t know who they are to him, but for them it is clearly a tourist attraction.
Syrian Orthodox Church. The service is conducted in Aramaic, yes, in that same Aramaic.
They say that the Greeks are engaged in the production of candles and incense. Incense is excellent - it’s just pieces of resin, with a clean wonderful smell. Pressed, as we have, also has, with different pleasant odor options, but it is radically different from what is sold in Russia.

Photo sketches by Georgy Bezborodov